About Us

Sigma Omicron Epsilon, Inc. was founded March 30, 1997 on the campus of East Carolina University by seven lovely ladies. We cherish the ideals of Unity, Friendship, Love, Trust, and Loyalty under one sisterhood; rich in Native American Culture.

Focus: “Promoting Culture and Education”

Our Mission: Sigma Omicron Epsilon, Inc. strives to promote the advancement of its members and Native Americans in higher education. We especially encourage the enrollment and retention of Native American women by placing an emphasis on cultural sustainability and community connectedness. On and off campus, we aim to increase awareness of the achievements of and challenges faced by Native Americans and tribal communities.

What we do: Sigma Omicron Epsilon, Inc. provides leadership, scholarship, service, and sisterhood to its members. These principles provide a strong foundation to support the ladies of Sigma Omicron Epsilon, Inc. with personal and scholastic development throughout their undergraduate years, as well as, in the future. Sisters of Sigma Omicron Epsilon, Inc. partake in a variety of cultural, social, political, and spiritual activities throughout the year, including powwows, community service, and advocacy events. Our goal is the enrichment of women through sisterhood, education, and Native American traditions.


Nickname: SOE

National PhilanthropyBreast Cancer Awareness & Education

Colors: Yellow, Blue, White

Flower: Yellow Rose

Symbol: Butterfly

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